TARGE 2018

Saturday 10th November 2018. Doors open at 10am.

Kirriemuir Wargames Club is proud to present a public wargames event "TARGE". At TARGE we have a great mixture of demonstration tables kindly put on by other clubs, some even allow participation. We also invite a large selection of vendors who have models for all imaginable games from historical ancients righ up to big ugly space monsters. TARGE is an opportunity for clubs, wargamers, vendors and members of the public to meet, exchange ideas, see new games and grab a bundle of wargames goods!

Painting Competition Winners

Category Position Winner Ticker Number Prize
Wargames Unit 1st David Imrie #268 Front Rank
2nd Dale Smith #256 Old Glory
3rd David Imrie #266 Floating World
Wargames Army 1st Michael David Arnott #289 War HQ
2nd Dale Smith #257 Front Rank
Single Figure 1st James Brodie #309 Scotia
2nd Chris Miller #305 Charles Grant
British Military Figure 1st Fraser Paterson #241 Supreme Littleness
Armoured Fighting Vehicle 1st Filippo Segala #295 Colonel Bill’s
2nd Mark Donaldson #248 Northumbrian PS
Military Modelling 1st James McGinley #245 Autosales of Kirriemuir
2nd Chris Miller #307 Dixons
Junior Modelling 1st Hamish Anderson #278 Magister Militum
2nd Hamish Anderson #277 Curtey’s/Ist Corps
Diorama 1st Bill Ferguson #261 Claymore Castings
2nd Glenn Murray #298 15mm Skirmish Supplies
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Group 1st Michael Arnott #292 Graham’s Wuerkshoppe
2nd Andrew Paul #253 Pictart
Kirriemuir Club 1st Dale Smith #259 Eagle
2nd Mark Donaldson #247 Colonel Bill’s
3rd James McGinley #246 Jacobite PS
Participation Game 1st Leuchars Caliver Books
2nd Gothenburg Commando
3rd East Neurk Charles Grant
Demonstration Game 1st The Contemptables Wargames Illustrated
2nd Warthog Reiver Castings
3rd Iron Brigade Charles Grant
Best Terrain 1st Warthog Warbases
2nd Old Meldrum Warbases
Club Terrain 1st Dale Smith #259 Warbases
Scottish Game/Unit 1st Neil Innes #312 Autosales


For the last few years TARGE has been held at Websters High School in Kirriemuir. The high school is the ideal location with a large assembly hall for the main event as well as several smaller side rooms all crammed with traders, exhibition tables and even our very own bring and buy.

The address for Websters High School for satnav users is:
Webster’s High School
Prosen Road

Alternatively you can use the Google Maps widget to open directions.

Club Display

Bring and Buy

If your looking for a bargain or perhaps clearing out the cupboard visit our busy bring and buy.

To save yourself time grab your Bring and Buy sheet ahead of time.

For advance sheet numbers contanct Dale Smith, Club Chairman. Contact Us

Painting Competition

Entry Forms

You can save time by picking up and filling out your painting competition entry form ahead of the show. The entry form is available here.

Look at the table below for the various details of the entry categories.

Once your sheet is filled out bring it along with your entries to this years Targe for a chance to win prizes!!

No more than 2 entries per category.

Aztec Soldiers

Categories and Trophies

Trophy Category Category Description
Isla Cup Wargames Unit Any Scale, Minimum of 12 Foot, 8 Mounted or 2 Elements.
Lord Airlie Shield Junior Modelling Any Scale, Any Period, Any Military Model Not Included In Any Other Category. Including Ships And Planes.. Entrants must be 16 or under to submit.
Charles Grant Wargames Army Any Scale, Minimum 100 Points. Foot: 1pt, Mounted: 2pts, Elements: 4 pts.
Urban Mammoth Trophy Single Figure Any Scale, Any Period.
Black Watch Quaich British Military Figure Any Scale From 1700 To Present.
Alba Miniatures Armoured Fighting Vehicle Any Scale, Any Period, Any Type.
Lord Strathmore Shield Military Modelling Any Scale, Any Period, Any Military Model Not Included In Any Other Category. Including Ships And Planes.
Rotary Club Of Kirriemuir Junior Modelling Same as Military Modelling. Entrants must be 16 or under to submit.
D & P Robertsons Shield Diorama Any Scale Or Period, Up To 24″ X 24″.
Visocchis Of Kirriemuir Cup Sci-Fi Or Fantasy Group Any Scale, From 3 To 7 Figures.
Claverhouse Shield Senior Club Member. Any senior club member entry.
Jacobite Shield Junior Club Member Any senior club member entry.
Caledonian Cup Best Terrain in Show
Lord Lyell Club Terrain
Crann Tara Targe Best Scottish Game or Unit


Trader Description
Claymore Castings
Colonel Bills The depot where used model armies are bought and sold.
Commando Miniatures Quality miniatures for the discerning enthusiast
Eagle Figures Eagle Figures is the business relaunched by Ian McCulloch that carries on from Eagle Miniatures which first started trading in the 80′s.
Floating World Designs
Grahame’s Wuerkshoppe Painted and unpainted second hand science fiction, fantasy and historical figures thousands and thousands of them.
Jacobite Painting Services
Northumbrian Painting Services
Reiver Castings
Pictart studios
Scheltrum Miniatures
Scotia Grendel
Supreme Littleness Designs
Warbases For all of your wargames figures and everything to finish them off.
War HQ
15mm Skirmish Supplies

Clubs Attending

Club Game Description Table Size Game Type
Aberdeen Wargames Club Attack on Moonbase Alpha 6 x 4 Participation
Angus Wargames Club Batman 6 x 4 Participation
Dunfermilne Wargames Club Battle of Cibalae (314 AD) 6 x 4 Demonstration
DWARF Battle of Pharlain (Kings of War) 6 x 4 Participation
East Neuk Irregulars Rhodesian Bush War 8 x 4 Participation
Falkirk District Wargames Club Battle of Madrid (1704) 8 x 6 Demonstration
Gothenburg Gamers Suez (1936) 10 x 6 Participation
Gourock Wargames Association Case Green Czechoslovakia 1938 8 x 6 Demonstration
Iron brigade Napoleonic 10 x 6 Demonstration
Leuchar Veterans Carry On Up the Khyber 6 x 6 Participation
Oldmeldrum Wargames Group 1759 Sugar Islands Campaign 6 x 4 Demonstration
Perth Modellers Static Display 8 x 6 Static Display
Pictart Fantasy 4 x 4 Demonstration
Scotia Sci-fi 4 x 4 Demonstration
SESWC What a Tanker 6 x 4 Participation
The Wargames Society of Contempible B******s Wars of the Roses 8 x 6 Demonstration
Warhog Glasgow Russian Tank Factory 10 x 6 Demonstration
WAR HQ Armour 4 x 4 Demonstration